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Do I need to be at home to receive my delivery?

No, you don’t need to be at home. If you are going to be out, then please let us know where to leave your order, including any special instructions ie. keypad or combination to get in. Please take into account the summer temperatures, so somewhere cool and in the shade is preferred.

How do I know what time you deliver?

Our normal delivery time is mornings to early afternoon. Let us know any special instructions when placing your order.

How will the food keep cool?

Orders will be delivered in insulated bags which are good for 2 hours. Bags will be picked up at your next delivery. If you have your own coolbox to leave the order in – that would be great!

Is there a minimum order?

Nope – but our standard delivery charge is $5.

Is there a delivery charge?

We currently deliver to zipcodes in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Cheseapeake. Delivery on our standard menu options is $5, but if you order over $100 then delivery is FREE. 

Can you adapt for dietary requirements?

Meals can be customized to include low sodium, no sodium, gluten free. Let us know!

How far can I order ahead?

We change our menus and add monthly special creations. You can order up to a month ahead. The latest you can order is Friday evening at 9pm for delivery the following Monday or by 9pm Monday for a Thursday delivery.